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Current situation in Tunisia, focus of consultation meeting between government members and civil society

A consultation meeting was held Thursday between government members and civil society representatives to discuss the current situation in the country and make proposals to overcome social and economic tension.

The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights, Agriculture and Social Affairs and representatives of human rights, citizenship and youth organisations.

Taking the floor on the occasion, Minister of Relations with Constitutional Bodies Mehdi Ben Gharbia said that “we should admit that a large part of Tunisians live on the margins (of society), have no sense of belonging for the country and refuse everything.” They do not have problems with the government or with the 2018 Finance Act, but their problems go back to decades of marginalisation and indifference.”

Launching a dialogue with the civil society, he added, is a way of examine the issue not in its political but societal dimension.

For Colonel-Major Mokhtar Ben Naser, the head of the Tunisian Centre for Global Security Studies, Tunisia is experiencing a “political crisis” that has led to a “development crisis” preventing the development of an efficient development strategy. This is added to a crisis of identity and citizenship, he specified.

It is in this spirit that it will be necessary to adopt a realistic discourse in relation to the socio-economic situation, he underlines, saying that the finance law will have positive long-term effects.

For his part, Bashir Laabidi (Tunisian League for Human Rights) stressed the importance of organising a national congress to discuss economic and social issues with focus on the development model to be adopted. Citizens and social movements should be listened to, he said.

Dhouha Jourchi (youth association) lamented the lack of guidance and a discourse directed to youths and especially teenagers.

Hatem Mliki (Tunisian League for Citizenship) pointed, for his part, to a “mess” in communication with the government, specifying that the government must protect protesters and the property of citizens who pay their taxes and fulfil its duties properly.

Source: TAP News Agency

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