Curtains go up on Carthage Film Festival [Upd 1]

Curtains rose on Saturday night on the 33rd edition of the Carthage film festival (French: JCC) at the Opera Theatre of the City of Culture.


The red carpet was rolled out for guests, mainly filmakers from 72 countries, in the presence of Minister of Cultural Affairs Hayet Ketat Guermazi and many movie stars. The event is running on October 29- November 5.

“Cultural life livened up after a somewhat difficult period in Tunisia and aross the globe,” the minister said. Post-COVID border reopening helped artists and creators come together again and exchange experiences and expertise and found expression in the slogan picked for this edition, “Carving a Way.


Saudi Arabia is the guest of honour of this 33rd edition. Special focus on films by female directors from Spain and Palestine is on the agenda.


The JCC lineup includes over 599 films representing 72 countries, including 23 African and 17 Arab countries.


Source: Tap News Agency