Dakhla, Unique Place in The World for Kitesurfing (Global Kitesports Association)

“During the last ten years, Dakhla has emerged as the preferred global destination for the practice of kitesurfing,” he said in an interview with MAP, on the sidelines of the holding in the city of “Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan Kitesurfing World Cup 2022”, stage of the 12th World Kitesurfing Championship, at the initiative of the Association “Dakhla Lagoon for the development of sport and cultural animation” and GKA.


“In Dakhla, kitesurfing can be practiced throughout the year thanks to the weather conditions that leave any kitesurfer dreaming,” he said, adding that “we are lucky to hold this stage of the world championship in Dakhla, where the ideal wind and favorable weather conditions are met”.


In addition to the Foum Labouir beach which hosts the competition, Dakhla has paradisiacal sites for the practice of kitesurfing by beginners and intermediates, he noted, stressing that interest should be given to professional athletes, but also amateurs to contribute to the promotion of this sport.


The “Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan Kitesurfing World Cup 2022”, initiated under the auspices of the World Sailing Federation (WSF), is held until October 02, with the participation of 54 athletes. They represent Morocco, France, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Canada, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Cape Verde, South Africa, Germany and RĂ©union Island.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse