Date of municipal elections will be final once presidential decree summoning voters is published (law professor) | Tunisia News Gazette

Date of municipal elections will be final once presidential decree summoning voters is published (law professor)

Jinan Limam, an academic at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis said Sunday the date of the municipal elections set by the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) for March 25, 2018, is not final.

It will be once presidential decree summoning voters to go to the polls is published, she said on the sidelines of her participation in a regional meeting organised by the Tunisian Association for Integrity and Democracy of Elections (ATIDE) in Nabeul on the theme “Decentralisation and Local Government Code”.

It is possible to organise the elections even though not all articles of the Local Government Code have been adopted, she argued, noting, however, that the adoption of this Code is a real challenge for the House of People’s Representatives.

Because, organising the elections with a new law is a step forward on the way to entrenching the democratic process and local democracy.

If there is a real political will, it will be possible to adopt the Local Government Code by next January, when the applications will be submitted,” she said.

The non-adoption of the code on local authorities does not legally prevent the organisation of Municipalities if one refers to the electoral law of February 14, 2017 on the organisation of municipal and regional elections.

But, the non-adoption of this Code constitutes a danger for the political process and for the choice of the decentralisation which will have to refer to obsolete laws, she pointed out.

For his part, vice-president of ATIDE Bassem Matar noted the slowness and procrastination in the organisation of municipal elections, pointing to the delay in establishing the legal framework related to it for more than three years.

He reiterated ATIDE’s call to organise the municipal polls by the date set for March 25, 2018 and to adopt the Local Government Code.

The organisation of this meeting is part of an awareness campaign in different regions to highlight the importance of municipal elections and their impact on the establishment local power and local democracy, he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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