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Debate in Paris on Law No. 58 on elimination of violence against women

A meeting-debate on the Organic Law No. 2017-58 of August 11, 2017 on the elimination of violence against women was held Saturday evening in Paris, in Paris.

It was held on the initiative of the Association of Tunisians in France (Atf), the Democratic Association of Tunisians in France (Adtf), the Federation of Tunisian citizens of both shores (Ftcr) and the Euro-Maghreb Citizenship and Culture Network (Remcc).

The meeting debate on the Tunisian organic law that will come into force in February 2018 was an opportunity to present the achievements and shortcomings of this text adopted by the House of People’s Representatives on July 26, 2017.

Judge Samia Doula highlighted the innovative nature of Law 58, in terms of legal terminology, new offenses, the fight against impunity, and the definition of rape.

“Now the term victim is used in the new law,” said the judge who listed other achievements, such as: “the right to protective measures, medical care, psychic and social support, repair and free legal assistance”.

Lawyer Donia Ben Othmane said Law No. 58 provides for the prevention of violence against women, their protection, the prosecution of perpetrators of violence as well as the care of the victims.

On the other hand, it notes shortcomings. “Among these is the status quo with regard to marital rape,” said Ben Othmane, while stating that “the spouse can always seek a divorce for misconduct”.

Former president of the Association of Tunisian Women for Development Research (Afturd), Radhia Belhaj Zekri, recalled the history of the activism of Tunisian feminists since 1991 in the fight against violence to until 2017.

Ftcr Women’s Group representative Behija Ben Hiba emphasised the importance of enforcing laws that protect women from all forms of violence.

Moreover, “the texts are often flouted,” agree the speakers, while stating that “the fight continues to push for the application of the law 58 and that funds must be released to support civil society in its fight against violence to women”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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