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Debate on investing in times of crisis

“Investment in times of crisis, what incentives?”, is the theme of the 5th edition of the forum of taxation whose work opened on Thursday, in Sfax at the initiative of the regional section of the Arab Institute for Business leaders (IACE).

Finance Minister Ridha Chalghoum said that since the Revolution (December 2010 / January 2011), investment faces several challenges.

Tunisia is able to overcome the crisis by ensuring the recovery of two growth engines, namely investment and export, said the minister, recalling that Tunisia has put in place several incentives to ensure the revival of investment.

In the same context, he considered that the meeting, held Wednesday by the Higher Investment Authority, will not fail to open new perspectives for the simplification of the provisions relating to investment.

Two decrees will be published shortly, in order to simplify the investment process and cancel the authorisations, said Chalghoum, emphasising the importance of the single window within the Tunisian Investment Authority.

Agriculture Minister Samir Taieb admitted that the situation of the water sector is difficult in Tunisia because “the reserves in the dams have decreased”.

Taieb stressed that the state aspires, in the face of the deficit of 300 million cubic meters, to exploit the non-traditional resources of water, in particular the desalination of seawater.

He reviewed a series of projects, including the Djerba station, scheduled to begin testing in April 2018, and the Sousse station project, which is expected to start production could reach 50 thousand cubic meters, in addition to the start-up, soon, of the construction works of the Kerkennah and Sfax stations and that of Zarat (Gabes).

He recalled the importance of the legal framework enshrined in the 2018 Public-Private Partnership Finance Law, noting that its implementation started with 19 structured projects worth more than 5 thousand million dinars.

Investor and exporter Abdelaziz Makhloufi presented a testimony on his experience and his vision about the incentives contained in the new law on investment and its impacts on its industrial and export activities.

The minister also acknowledged the existence of a “delay” in the exploitation of treated wastewater that does not exceed 15% per year, announcing the launch of a study on water in Tunisia by 2050.

IACE President Ahmed Bouzguenda stressed that the exit from the crisis of confidence that the investment sector is experiencing, at this moment, requires “to put focus on the business environment and focus on the peculiarities of the current political and democratic course and the regional divide “. He called on social parties to bring the required interest to the Social Contract and to move away from the old development model.

He called for taking into account the needs of local and international investors, saying that the crisis of confidence can not be overcome with the adoption of a new law on investment or other measures but requires, rather, the development of a clear economic and industrial vision in all areas.

Source: TAP News Agency

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