December 17 legislative polls: statistics on electoral register to be published soon (ISIE)

(TAP) – The Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) will publish statistics on voter registration, it announced on Friday.


It said it will publish the statistics in all electoral districts and polling stations.


The number of electoral districts amounts to 161, the same number as the number of seats in parliament, according to the decree-law No. 2022-55 of September 15, 2022, amending the organic law No. 2014-16 of May 26, 2014, on elections and referendums.


In its decision No. 24, which concerns the rules and procedures of voter registration and updating of polling centers, the ISIE noted that the statistical data that will be available on its website include the number of registered voters classified by gender and age and within the limits of personal data protection.


According to the authority, appeals against the electoral rolls are open within two days after their publication.


The appeals will then be examined within 48 hours from the date of their submission. The commission may then ask the complainants for additional information, it noted.


Among the conditions required to register in the electoral roll is having Tunisian nationality, having the age of majority (18 years) and enjoying civil and political rights, according to the text of the decision.


People concerned by one of the disqualifying conditions set forth by the ISIE, in particular a complementary sentence, are prohibited from voting, the authority specified.


Source: TAP News Agency