December 2022, hottest December since 1950 (INM)

December of 2022 was ranked the hottest December since 1950 as average temperature exceeded the benchmark by +3.4°C, said the National Institute of Metrology (INM).

The average of mean temperatures ranged between 12.3°C in Thala and 18.5°C in Tataouine, and were above the reference rates (1991-2020) in all regions, as the differences ranged from +2.3°C in Tabarka to +5.2°C in Kef.

As for the overall average temperature (25 main stations), it reached 15.8°C, exceeding the reference average (12.4°C), with a significant difference of +3.4°C.

December 2022 the driest month of December since 1950

The INM further indicated that after the dry autumn season witnessed in most regions, the decrease in the amount of rain continued during the month of December.

The total amount (25 main stations) for the month reached 135.7 millimeters, while the reference rate for the same stations was 1050.5 millimeters, thus the percentage of the decrease in general reached 87 % of which ranks December 2022 the driest month of December since 1950.

Source: Tap News Agency