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Delegation from Ethiopian Diaspora Agency visits the National Migration Observatory

Director General of the National Observatory on Migration (ONM), Mohammed Mansouri met, on Monday, with a delegation from the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, representing the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, in the presence of several executives of the Observatory.

The Ethiopian delegation took the opportunity to learn about the project for a national and global information system on migration currently being developed by the Observatory, as well as the coordination mechanisms between institutions active in the field of migration in Tunisia, according to a press release issued by the Observatory.

The ONM has launched a project for a national and global information system on migration, which will make it possible to avoid discrepancies in the statistics on the categories and types of migration, by concluding bilateral agreements and planning other agreements with numerous parties involved in the field of migration. These include the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation (ATCT), the Ministry of Employm
ent and Vocational Training, the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), the Office for Tunisians Abroad and the Centre for Research and Social Studies attached to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

This visit was an opportunity for the Ethiopian delegation to learn about the main tasks of the National Migration Observatory, which consist mainly of collecting information and data, analysing and exchanging data and conducting research and studies related to migration.

The Ethiopian delegation also emphasised the importance of statistical data on exchange and its role in managing migration flows and defining policies in this regard, the role of expats in supporting development and the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology, as well as financial remittances from expatriates to increase the national foreign exchange reserve.

The Director-General of the ONM underlined Tunisia’s commitment and willingness to contribute to all efforts aimed at strengthening joint African action and achieving continental economic integr
ation, in line with the international and African objectives for the 2030 horizon set out in the African Union’s “Agenda 2063”, in order to help meet the aspirations and expectations of the continent’s peoples for sustainable development based on solidarity.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse