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Democratic current calls for support for transitional justice process

Leaders of the democratic current emphasised the need to support the transitional justice process and to face the law on economic reconciliation which has once again surfaced, they said.

Speaking at a conference organised on Saturday in Sousse by the regional coordination of the party on the theme “no economic reconciliation without transitional justice”, the party leaders Ghazi Chaouachi, Mohamed Abbou, Samia Abbou and Ridha Zoghmi Called for the withdrawal of the bill on economic reconciliation.

They said that behind the attachment to this bill lies the intention of some parts of the coalition government to serve the interests of people involved in corruption cases.

Transitional justice makes it possible, they stressed, to establish a system of values through the recognition of crimes committed, the apology to the victims and the restitution of the looted funds.

Ghazi Chaouachi, the party’s Secretary-General, said his party will work to unveil the attempts to bribe, saying that the country’s interest requires supporting the Truth and Dignity Commission, in order to achieve global national reconciliation.

Source: TAP news Agency

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