Demonstration in support of Saied: Call for opening of political corruption files

Political activist Chiheb Mekki told TAP on Sunday that the demonstration in support of President Kais Saied is a spontaneous action that expresses the desire of Tunisians to open a new page that breaks with the system in place and to see all those who have harmed the country accountable before Justice.

According to him, the exceptional measures taken by the President of the Republic were dictated by the need for reform and the requirements of a new democracy based on the fight against impunity. The citizens who came out in large numbers to demonstrate in the streets express a collective awareness of the imperative to save the Tunisian state from corruption, he noted.

Mohamed Msellini, leader of the Echaab movement and former Minister of Trade believe that the presidential measures are the result of popular demands.

Msellini considers necessary the dissolution of the parliament and a new political process that will defend the dignity of Tunisia and save the national economy.

An impressive demonstration took place on Sunday in Tunis and in the regions to support the measures announced by President Kais Saied.

On Avenue Habib Bourguiba, demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the opening of political corruption cases and keeping the work of parliament suspended.

According to police estimates, nearly 8 thousand demonstrators were on site at Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Avenue de Paris and rue de Rome.


Source: Tap News Agency