Detention warrant issued against Lazher Akremi

The investigating judge at the judicial counter-terrorism division, on Monday, issued a detention warrant against lawyer and political activist Lazher Akremi, said lawyer Assia Haj Salem.

In a statement to TAP, Haj Salem said “the detention warrant was ready long before the hearing session”, adding Lazher Akremi was heard Monday on charges of “conspiracy against the state.”

The defence lawyer said there was “no evidence” in the case file to support the charges against her client.

She Added that the investigating judge questioned Lazher Akremi about a meeting that brought him and Khayem Turki together in a café in the Ennasr neighbourhood (Ariana) last January.

Lazher Akremi was arrested on Monday, February 13.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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