Development plan for 2023-2025 is ready, will bring reforms, says Minister of Economy

The development plan for the period 2023-2025, is ready. It has been forwarded to various ministerial departments to make their comments before a final version, Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied said Monday.


The minister, who was on a working visit to the governorate of Bizerte, added in a statement to TAP, that important reforms are included in this plan “consistent with the guidelines of the Finance Act for 2023.


He said the overall vision of this plan targets the improvement of the investment climate and the implementation of partnerships between the public and private sectors.


“The private and public sectors play a vital role in achieving growth and national wealth and a partnership between the two can certainly provide the state with investments to develop the health, education and social affairs sectors, besides solidarity interventions,” said the Minister.


Speaking about industrial zones, Saied said several measures have been taken to improve their functionality, the aim being to strengthen their contribution to the national economy, promote job creation and improve the country’s competitiveness.


Source: Tap News Agency