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Difficulties in obtaining fund by SMEs and lack of water: obstacles to development

Difficulties in obtaining financing by the small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), water scarcity problems in the agricultural sector, weak market control mechanisms and difficulties in the labour market are the main problems of Tunisia, according to studies prepared by a working group of the “compact” programme of the American “Millennium Challenge Corporation”.

The development of these studies on the identification of development impediments in Tunisia is part of a coherent programme of action aimed at establishing a set of development projects that would enable Tunisia to combat poverty, to create new opportunities for disadvantaged groups by helping them create small projects and adhere to production systems, with the aim of achieving greater social inclusion.

These studies were carried out as part of a participatory approach with the contribution of all the structures concerned with development and experts in the field of development and the American institution “The Millennium Challenge” as well as representatives of the Civil society and the sector in the different regions.

These results should make it possible to start the second stage of the programme, which will determine the projects to be financed by the “The Millennium Challenge Corporation”.

Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi said that the presentation of the results of these studies within the given deadlines proves the will and commitment of the Tunisian and American parties to implement and achieve success of the Programme, on a qualitative and timely basis.

He said that this project is in line with the government’s guidelines to create more opportunities for disadvantaged and less developed regions, in addition to strengthening the mechanisms for promoting the social and solidarity economy and conditions conducive to wider and sustainable social inclusion “.

Director of the Millennium Challenge Programme in Tunis Oliver Pierson expressed his satisfaction at the results achieved during the first phase of the programme and the fruitful cooperation with the Tunisian participating parties. He underlined the concern of all parties to continue the action with the required coordination regarding the next steps of the programme and the implementation of the projects which will help give a dynamic of development which will benefit the targeted categories and regions.

Source: TAP News Agency

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