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Director General of Comorian International Cooperation Agency expresses her country’s will to establish partnership with ONFP

Activating the memorandum of understanding signed in 2018 between Tunisia and the Comoros Islands on south-south cooperation projects was the focus of a meeting held, Tuesday, between Director General of the National Office of Family and Population (ONFP) Mohamed Douaji and Director General of the Comorian International Cooperation Agency Fatoumia Bazi.

The meeting was attended by Director General of the Tunisian Technical Cooperation Agency (ATCT) Mohamed Blidi.

The Director General of the Comorian agency expressed her country’s will to establish a partnership with the ONFP so as to benefit from its avant-garde experience in strengthening skills and knowledge in the areas of family, child healthcare and reproductive health.

The ONFP Director General said that he will take the proposal into consideration, recalling the experience of the office in the sectors of training, learning and research, in addition to technical assistance provided to several African and Arab countries.

He affirmed that the ONFP wil
l continue its vital role in str South-South cooperation relations and will make its experience and know-how available to countries wishing to strengthen their programs in the areas of family and population.

During her visit, the general director of the Comorian agency learned about the ONFP’s specialized centers, including the training and study center in reproductive and population health and the audio-visual production center.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse