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Draft Code of Local Government: Civil Society calls for amendment of certain articles

Associations and civil society groups on Tuesday called for amendments to a number of articles in the draft Code of Local Government, which they say are contrary to the principle of free administration. The amendment proposals mainly concern the participatory approach, human resources and posteriori control.

Speaking at a conference organised by ATIDE, the Associative Action and Kolna Touensa, under the theme “For the application of the principle of free administration in the next municipal councils”, Ahmed Ben Nejma, representative of the organisation “Association Action”, called for amendments to Article 28 of the draft Local Government Code currently under consideration by the Committee on Administration and Armed Forces Affairs at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

“This article does not allow municipalities to apply effective participatory mechanisms adapted to each municipality as it stipulates that all municipalities must apply the same mechanism provided for by the central authority”, he added.

Ben Nejma explained that, according to this formulation, the participative mechanisms applied by the municipalities are dictated by the central power, which is contrary to the principle of the free administration. The latter must allow municipalities to choose the most appropriate participatory mechanism for their municipal action, in consultation with the components of local civil society.

For her part, Leila Chraibi, president of the Tunisian Association for Integrity and Democracy of Elections (ATIDE) said that the lack of financial resources and the low level of supervision in most municipalities are likely to significantly impede the effective application of the principle of free administration.

She proposed the reintegration of the chapter dedicated to the training of human resources in the draft code. This chapter should include not only officials but also officials and members of elected municipal councils.

Leila Chraibi has also called for the introduction of the “Management of local communities” specialty in the graduate studies cycle and more specifically in the curriculum of the National School of Administration (ENA).

In turn, Moez Attia, founder of the association “Kolna Tounes”, explained that the draft Code of Local Authorities includes articles contrary to the principles of posteriori control and free administration.

He also called for the amendment of Articles 13, 160, 193 and 255 of the draft Code and insisted that the dissolution of municipal councils by the governor should be done only by a court decision rendered by the administratif court.

The Committee on the Examination of the Draft Local Government Code completed, until yesterday, the examination of 315 articles out of 363 articles, according to “Al Bawsala”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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