Draft law on maternity and paternity leaves to be submitted soon to Cabinet meeting | Tunisia News Gazette

Draft law on maternity and paternity leaves to be submitted soon to Cabinet meeting

The draft law on maternal and paternal leaves will be soon submitted to the Cabinet meeting,” Judge Samia Doula officer at the Woman, Family and Childhood Ministry said.

This draft law was referred to the Prime Ministry and will soon be submitted to the Cabinet meeting so as to be reviewed by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, she told TAP

According to her, the draft law will extend the maternal leave to 14 weeks in the public and private sectors compared to the current 10 weeks in the public sector and one month in the private sector.

The same text provides for a 15-day paternity leave against only two days, currently.

Doula further added that the development of this draft law aims to adapt the Tunisian law to the international standards, notably, the International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Maternity Protection Convention (C183), by achieving the content of the new Tunisian constitution that stipulates respect of human rights in accordance with international standards.

The current bill is also discriminatory between public and private sectors’ employees, hence the need to work on providing equal opportunities for all workers, she added.

The draft law further provides for extending the right to have the breastfeeding hour to 12 months in the public and private sectors against the current 9 months in the public sectors and 6 in the private sector.

Source: TAP News Agency

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