During this meeting, the two parties welcomed the quality of friendly relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Serbia and the level of coordination at the bilateral and regional levels, as well as within the various international fora, said a statement by the Department of the Head of Government. On this occasion, the two parties praised the commitment of both countries to several common values, notably the respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States. In this sense, Dačić expressed his country’s gratitude for Morocco’s support for Serbia’s unity, and reaffirmed Belgrade’s position supporting the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, the statement said. The two officials discussed the prospects for strengthening bilateral cooperation and intensifying trade, to raise them to the level of political relations between the two countries, developing fruitful partnerships between Moroccan and Serbian economic operators and taking advantage of significant investment opportunities offered by the economies of both countries and their strategic geographical positions. They also stressed the major role that legislative institutions play in strengthening bilateral relations at different levels and in consolidating the bonds of friendship and understanding between the two countries, concluded the same source. Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

“The cooperation to date with Morocco has been very successful and I believe it will remain that way in the long term. Morocco is one of the EU’s most stable and powerful partners, so I recommend to solve the current problems by dialogue between the Spanish government and Morocco and not involve other states in their conflict”, Zdechovský told EU Bulletin in an interview.
The MEP said that “Morocco has strong ties with the European continent. Morocco could become a gateway for illegal migration if we do not try to settle relations and strengthen mutual trust. It is a conflict between Spain and Morocco, but this difficult situation can have negative consequences also for other EU countries.” “I strongly believe that the current diplomatic crisis will be resolved soon and our excellent relations will continue,” he added.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse