Earnings from date exports post 20% rise( ministry) | Tunisia News Gazette

Earnings from date exports post 20% rise( ministry)

Earnings from date exports increased 20% in comparison with last season, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Tuesday said in a press release.

Exports since the start of the season (October 1, 2016) till August 7, 2017, reached 103,000 tonnes, including 12,000 tonnes of organic dates, worth an overall value of 530.398 MTD against 104,000 tonnes last season for a total value of 445.800 MTD.

This rise comes as a result of Tunisia seeking to explore new markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe, while preserving the Maghreb market which has the lion’s share with 26,700 tonnes of exported dates followed by France (7,600 tonnes), Italy (7,100 tonnes) and Spain, Malaysia and Germany with 6,000 tonnes each.

Source: TAP News Agency

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