Edem Agbana advocates development-oriented politics at Ketu North

Mr Eric Edem Agbana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Ketu North, has called for development-oriented politics in the constituency and not politics of lies and insults.

He said it was important for persons seeking political office to direct their resources to addressing public needs and not giving out money to individuals in a bid to influence their votes.

Mr Agbana was speaking in an interview with Ghana News Agency following his donation of 50 desktop computers to some 23 schools to support Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education in the municipality.

He said this year’s elections would not be just about talks but action and that with the work he was doing and the dedication of the youth, the NDC would win the constituency seat and the presidential race with a big margin.

‘Just like I’ve given out 50 desktop computers, if he (referring to his opponent, Mr Enoch Amegbletor, the New Patriotic Party candidate) wants to throw a challenge, he should also give
out 50 or 51 desktop computers and not sit somewhere and talk down our efforts,’ he said.

‘Then we’re making progress. Then in December when the people go out, they’ll be voting for development of the constituency.’

‘The challenge I’m throwing is that I’m here to pursue a development-oriented politics and so they should match that. There are a lot of development projects I’m undertaking. I founded a sports academy and recruiting players… We donated mathematical sets to Basic Education Certificate Examination candidates; he should donate that and add laptops to it. That’s real challenge.’

Mr Agbana said he had made a mark in other areas such as health, water and sanitation, agriculture, entertainment and youth employment, adding; ‘These are what we call development politics.’

He called for a public debate between him and his opponent on NDC’s 24-hour economy, track records, political experience, vision and competence to enable the people to make informed decision on whoever could best represent their inter
est as the member of Parliament.

Source: Ghana News Agency