Education Ministry Holds Awareness Day of Seismic Risk for Moroccan, Italian Students

This meeting brought together, in hybrid mode, students from the college Amrou Alem, under the provincial direction of National Education in Rabat, and their Italian counterparts from a high school in the town of Laveno Mombello, in the province of Varese (Lombardy).


It is part of the implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) in the field of civil protection and the partnership agreement between the Ministry and the directorates of civil protection in Morocco and Italy, with the financial support and accompaniment of the European Union.


On this occasion, the elements of civil protection, Moroccan and Italian, have conducted awareness workshops with the support of maps and data and had interactive exchanges with students, in addition to workshops on geophysics and volcanology supervised by experts from the Italian Civil Protection and the Institute of the Environment.


In this sense, the head of the department of volunteerism and awareness at the Directorate General of Civil Protection, Boutaina Ouriaghli, said that “this awareness action is part of the ENP between Morocco and Italy in the field of disaster management.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse