Efforts ongoing to help Calzedonia to install its subsidiaries in Tunisia (Nasreddine Nsibi)

The Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Nasreddine Nsibi stressed the willingness of his department and its structures to cooperate with international textile company Calzedonia to establish its subsidiaries in Zaghouan, Monastir, Tabarka, and Nabeul.

These would generate 1500 job positions, he stressed. Nsibi spoke at a meeting with representatives of this company in the context of the development of the Tunisian-Italian bilateral cooperation programme in the employment and vocational training sector, the various mechanisms offered by Tunisia in terms of support for foreign investors. The objective is to help install their project in addition to the facilities provided by the administrative structures.

Italian Ambassador to Tunisia, Fabrizio Saggio, for his part expressed at the meeting his country’s commitment to consolidate cooperation between the two countries in the field of employment and vocational training.

The representative of the company Calzedonia welcomed, on his part, the efforts made by the Ministry in supporting foreign investors in Tunisia by helping them to overcome any difficulties encountered including, promoting a skilled workforce.

Source: Tap News Agency