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El Guettar Gafsa: Tfanen-Tunisie Creative-funded public playground inaugurated

A public playground, located in El Guettar Gafsa, was inaugurated on January 6, 2018.

The project is steered by the Tunisian Association for Environmental Art as part of the project “Tunisian Playground Sculptures “funded by Tfanen-Tunisie Creative.

The particularity of this project is that it is a typical example of co-operation between local and foreign artists, active members of local civil society and also public services represented especially by the Municipality of El Guettar, Gafsa.

The originality of this playground, dedicated specifically to children, rests in the fact that it is inspired by the history and the cultural and natural heritage of El Guettar.

It is achieved by means of monumental sculptures and urban sculptural installations.

Four other playgrounds are also planned in Kasserine, Gabes, Medenine and Kairouan whose main objective is the development of artistic and urban activity in Tunisia.

Playground inspired by heritage

The project “Tunisian Playground Sculptures” allows young artists to create monumental works while providing children with fun and recreational playgrounds. Children will be sensitized to the history and heritage of their city through play.

The project uses the wealth of the place in the production of the playground and allows experienced artists and decision-makers to engage in the artistic and environmental development of Tunisian public spaces.

The concept of El Guettar playground recalls the ancestral and ingenious irrigation system locally known as “Mkayel”; therefore, 28 games out of the 28 “Mkayel” have been designed and realised.

Local, national and international co-operation for the implementation of the project

In order for the children and residents to appropriate the playgrounds and preserve them afterwards, a participatory approach was followed during all stages of the project.

Playgrounds are designed through collaborations with local, national and international young artists and landscape artists who are the nucleus of a network whose main objective will be the development of environmental and urban artistic activity in Tunisia.

The games are designed piece by piece by Tunisian Playground Sculptures and made mainly with local materials and by local craftspeople.

Tfanen-Tunisie Creative is part of the programme of support to the sector of culture in Tunisia (PACT) of the European Union (EU) with the Tunisian government. It is implemented by the British Council on behalf of and with the collaboration of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) network.

Tfanen � Tunisie Creative is part of the European Union-Funded programme Supporting the strengthening of Tunisia’s cultural sector).

It is led by the British council on behalf of/ in partnership with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

Source: TAP News Agency

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