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El Kef: young Tunisian wins first prize of entrepreneurial Lead competition launched by IACE

A young man from El Kef governorate won the Lead Entrepreneurial Competition launched by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) in collaboration with the NGO Spark.

Winner Ayoub Khemiri presented an innovative project on the launching of a consultancy firm in the agricultural sector which offers support to the developer in feasibility studies, drilling wells, Water and its degree of salinity, the fertility of the land and the profitability of the project to be carried out.

Such projects will have a positive impact on the development of the agricultural sector, promotion of investment in the region and assistance in the selection of profitable and efficient projects, said the designer of the study, adding that he received a loan from the Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS) to carry out his project.

In late June 2017, IACE in collaboration with the NGO Spark launched a call for candidates for the Entrepreneurial Competition in El Kef and Kairouan. The Lead project aims to create viable employment opportunities for young people through entrepreneurship in these two governorates.

Lead Project also aims to set up an entire programme to develop employability in promising sectors by offering support to young people between the ages of 15 and 35 through coaching, training and access to sources of funding for help to launch their project.

In the same sense, Lead Project’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship among young people through the integration of entrepreneurship education into secondary and higher education.

The 15 semi-finalists have benefited from two training courses aimed at improving their business plans and presenting their projects to financial institutions.

IACE will also accompany the winners from the implementation phase of the ideas to the official creation of the companies.

Source: TAP News Agency

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