Election media coverage: ISIE defends itself against accusations of “encroachment” on HAICA’s competence

The Electoral Authority reserves the right to supervise and control all audiovisual, written and electronic media, stressed President of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), Farouk Bouasker.


In a statement to the media on the sidelines of a study day organised by the ISIE in Tunis on “Electoral offences, respective roles of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Police”, Bouasker denied allegations of a possible encroachment by the ISIE on another authority (without naming it).


In terms of media coverage of the elections, the mission of the elections authority is essentially to monitor the electoral content and the candidates for the upcoming legislative elections of December 17, 2022, said the ISIE president.


He explained that the monitoring of the coverage of the electoral campaign via the media targets the independent candidate, the partisan candidate and even the party supporting the candidate’s candidacy. For the rest of the opposition parties and those who boycotted the elections, they do not fall under the control of the ISIE, unless it is a question of “essentially electoral content”.


Bouaskar said that a number of media outlets had submitted to the ISIE their action plans for the coverage of the electoral campaign, stressing that the ISIE has a full-fledged cell equipped with human and technical resources to ensure effective monitoring and control of the electoral campaign via the various media, which will be officially launched tomorrow, Friday, and will continue until December 15, in the inland.


Source: Tap News Agency