Elections-El Omrane Supérieur: Candidate Houda Jelassi focuses on creating sources of income for unemployed women

Candidate representing El Omrane Supérieur constituency (TUNIS 2) Houda Jelassi focused on ways to create sources of income for unemployed women.

The candidate, who launched her campaign through direct contact with local residents, showed a keen interest in women who are willing to start small projects. She promised to improve their living conditions as well as their families.

In her programme, the candidate also pledged to find sustainable solutions to anarchic installations in public areas as well as to the stray dogs and pay a particular attention to environmental issues.

The 51-year old candidate is an educational executive in a kindergarten.

The electoral district of El Omrane Supérieur has 13 direct candidates and 3 candidates for the seat reserved for people with disabilities .

The locality also has 48,903 inhabitants. Until the end of November, the number of registered voters is 43,165.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse