Electoral Authority not ready for July 25 referendum (I Watch)

Neither the President of the Republic, nor the Electoral Authority are ready for the referendum of July 25, 2022, said Saturday, I Watch.

For I Watch, it is almost impossible to register voters in such a short time. The period set for this operation is from May 27 to June 5, according to the schedule proposed by the Executive Directorate of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE).

I Watch noted that the Executive Directorate of the ISIE said Friday at the first meeting of the new ISIE council, the number of new registrants in the electoral register will not exceed the threshold of 70 thousand people. Which, it said, could prevent two million Tunisians to register on time.

The organisation has also asked the President of the Republic to cancel the referendum because of the difficulties inherent in its holding, including logistical, legal, political or concerning transparency and equal opportunities.

It also invites the new members of the ISIE to declare their assets and interests before starting to exercise their duties.

Friday, the Executive Directorate of the ISIE has presented, at the first meeting of the new council of the authority, a draft electoral calendar for the referendum to be held on July 25.

The Executive Directorate proposed, in accordance with the law on elections and referendums, to start the registration for the referendum on May 27 by starting immediately the logistical preparations and recruitment competitions for agents responsible for registration from Saturday, May 14.

It also proposes the date of June 5 as the last deadline for registration and the date of June 12 for filing appeals against the registration lists. The final lists of electoral registers will be announced on July 8, according to this proposal.

Source: Tap news Agency