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Ennaceur inquires about situation of regions hit by fires

Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur, on Tuesday, had phone conversations with National Defence Minister Farhat Horchani and the governors of Jendouba and Bizerte to inquire about the situation of the local residents, following the wave of fires that hit several forest regions.

According to a HPR press release, Ennaceur, who is closely monitoring the development of the situation in several northwestern regions, commended the efforts of military and civil protection units to contain the fires and evacuate the affected families.

He expressed his solidarity with the families, calling for stepping up efforts to ensure their protection and mobilise the necessary resources to rescue and support them in these difficult circumstances.

The Interior Ministry recorded no human loss in these fires that have hit the governorate of Jendouba (Aid Draham and Fernana) concurrently with a heat wave.

According to the ministry, the fires have damaged several forest areas and seven houses.

Source: TAP News Agency

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