Ennahdha calls for escalating peaceful protests against ‘putschist power’

Ennahdha Saturday called for escalating peaceful protests against the ‘Putschist’ pôwer” in reaction to the deterioration in political life and economic slump which is taking its toll on the purchasing power of Tunisians.

There is urgent need to return to the democratic path and defend the gains of the Revolution of freedom, democracy and national dignity, the party said in a statement following an executive bureau meeting.

Ennahdha reiterated the intention to boycott December 17 legislative elections in line with its position against the “process of overthrowing the constitution.”

The election decree came to confirm the party’s warnings about the danger this text represents to equal opportunities between citizens in addition to the exclusion of political parties and women and young people from political life.

This project will lead to the creation of an unstable “pseudo- parliament” with scattered representation and without capabilities and legitimacy, further reads the statement.


Source: TAP News Agency