Ennahdha rejects any prosecution of MPs before military courts

(TAP)-The Ennahdha movement said it rejects any prosecution of MPs before military courts and their imprisonment without any respect for the provisions of lifting immunity, guaranteed by the Constitution. The movement reacted to the imprisonment on Friday of MP Yassine Ayari, president of the “Hope and Work” movement, at the Tunis Civil Prison in execution of a court decision.


Ennahdha said in a statement that the prosecution of civilians before military courts is “unconstitutional” and “illegal,” adding that the arrest of MP Yassine Ayari is a negative message conveyed by Tunisia at home and abroad on the future of rights and public freedoms.


In a statement, a copy of which reached TAP, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Military Justice said that the incarceration of Yassine Ayari is part of the execution of a final court ruling issued by the military court of appeal on December 6, 2018.


Source: TAP News Agency