Ennahdha spokesperson criticises “autocratic” approach of President of the Republic

(TAP) – Spokesperson for the Ennahdha movement, Imed Khemiri criticised the “autocratic” approach of President Kais Saied, saying it is a failure.


At a press conference on the latest political developments Monday, the movement noted “a total lack of transparency and sincerity of the ruling power,” especially with the differences found between the institutions of the Presidency of the Republic and the government.


The Bouden government has not disclosed the content of the agreement with international donors, nor that of the finance law, he noted.


Khemiri added a year and a half after the exceptional measures of July 25, the crisis has only increased. He criticised the inability of the ruling power to manage the lack of basic commodities, the issue of waste in Sfax and the missing off Zarzis.


The authorities have targeted the institutions of the 2014 constitution, such as the Supreme Judicial Council and the judiciary in general “for refusing to submit to orders,” he pointed out, recalling the dismissal of the 57 judges and, more recently, the mayor of Bizerte.


On another level, the leader in Ennahdha called for more details on the case of conspiracy against state security (case of 25 personalities), noting that no official party has addressed this issue publicly.


He added that party leaders have been mentioned in this case, expressing concern that the political conflict with Ennahdha has turned into a security conflict that will have a heavy social impact, according to him.


For her part, head of the legal office of the movement, Zeineb Brahmi, said tthe cases brought against Ennahdha have been caused by political parties and individuals, stating that the case of “lobbying” relating to the 2019 elections is “completely empty.


“No contract to influence the elections has been found by the judiciary,» she stressed.


Zeineb Brahmi, also a member of the executive board of Ennahdha, said that the cases “Instalingo”, “Namaa”, “the secret apparatus of Ennahdha” and that of sending young people to conflict zones, “are only slander and defamation” mounted by some political parties and the ruling power.


President of the Ennahdha party Rached Ghannouchi and leaders in the movement, including Habib Ellouze and Ali Lârayedh last September had appeared before the anti-terrorist brigade in Bouchoucha.


The Public Prosecutor’s Office then decided to refer them to the anti-terrorist judicial division to be heard.


Source: TAP News Agency