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EU’s EOM: First group of 28 long-term observers deployed

The European Union’s Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Tunisia Monday deployed a first group of 28 long-term observers in 24 governorates, the EOM said in a press release.

Long-terms observers will monitor all stages of the electoral process, including the campaign, the conduct of the poll and the processing of the election results.

The EU deployed, at the invitation of the Tunisian government and the Independent High Authority for Elections (French:ISIE), an observation mission for next May 6 municipal elections.

“It is the third election observation mission deployed by the EU to Tunisia since 2011, and a sign of the EU’s ongoing support for the democratic transition of the country,” the press release further reads.

The mission is led by Chief Observer Fabio Massimo Castaldo, a member of the European Parliament. It includes a core team of seven election analysts who have been based in Tunis since April 6 as well as 28 long-term observers and as many short-term observers who will join them early May in regions.

The polling day will see the observation mission beefed up by a European Parliament delegation and European diplomats in Tunis. The EOM will include on election day 100 observers from EU member states, Switzerland, Norway and Canada.

The observers are required to remain impartial and abide by the Code of Conduct for EU Election Observers, the Code of Conduct of national and foreign observers for elections and referendums developed by the election commission and the national laws, the EOM said.

The EOM is tasked with conducting an in-depth, impartial and long-term evaluation of the electoral process, in light of the international standards of democratic elections.

Two days after the poll, the observation mission will present its preliminary findings followed by a detailed anlaytical report after the announcement of the final results.

This report will provide a deeper assessment of the election process as well as recommendations for upcoming elections.

Source: TAP News Agency

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