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EU’s YouthAct project under spotlight

The European Union (EU)-funded YouthAct Project helped create 20 youth cafes and organise more than 70 training sessions focused on citizenship, decentralisation, local governance, interpersonal communication and public outreach techniques.

An awareness-raising campaign that targeted 70,000 citizens was also conducted as part of this project launched in 2015 by the Jasmine Foundation for Research and Communication (JFRC), Training Officer Saloua Shili Friday told a news conference in Tunis.

The project geared towards 650 youths aged 18 to 35 in Greater Tunis (Ettadhamen, Mhamdia, Mornagia and Sidi Hassine) seeks to bolster youth civic engagement.

A participatory workshop was also held as part of this project to share ideas about the best ways to improve

municipal services, she indicated. It was designed to raise the awareness of local civil society organisations and citizens about the need to underpin the efforts made by municipalities to ensure better urban services.

EU Ambassador to Tunisia Patrice Bergamini said the project received funding to the tune of 300 million euros and underlined the need to urge youths to participate in public life.

Created in 2013, the Jasmine Foundation is endeavouring to help lay the foundations for a nascent democratic society in Tunisia by means of focusing on civic education, human rights and the active participation of young citizens in the democratic process.

Source: TAP News Agency

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