Exceptional tourist season in Yasmine Hammamet

The 2023 tourist season in Yasmine Hammamet promises to be exceptional with the possibility of exceeding the indicators recorded in 2019, a reference year, said Local Officer in charge of Tourism in Yasmine Hammamet Khaled Glouyia.
Tourist indicators in the Yasmine Hammamet area had posted since the beginning of 2023 till March 10, a 51% rise in the number of tourists, he told TAP on the fringes of the 8th International Carnaval of Yasmine Hammamet, which kicked off on Saturday and will last for three days with the participation of 8 Arab and European countries.
The official pointed out that the number of tourists had reached 81.304 in 2023, against 42.000 during the same period last year, specifying that the number of overnight stays egded up by over 100% to 215.818.
Tourist flow exceeded 20% in the first 10 days of March compared to the same period last year, he said, adding that hotels had accommodated 10.250 tourists and overnight stays had increased by 62% to 27.332.
These positive indicators will continue with the start of school holidays, he pointed out, specifying that a number hotel units are 100% full.
The official further pointed to the importance of the International Carnaval of Yasmine Hammamet as it proposes shows by professional troups from several European countries, such as Austria, Italy, Germany and France in addition to Tunisia and Arab countries, notably, Algeria and Libya.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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