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Experiences of women engineers from forty countries at annual conference of Tunisian women engineers’ association presented

Projects in engineering and digital technologies as well as initiatives supporting the profession of female engineer from forty countries around the world were presented Saturday at the annual conference of the Tunisian Association of Women Engineers (ATFI).

Representatives of women engineers from the United States, France, Germany, Korea, United Kingdom, Brazil, Senegal, Kenya, India, Egypt, Palestine, and many other countries have reported on the situation of the female engineer in their respective countries.

Exposing the axes of the “Smart Cities” project, Amel Makhlouf, President of the Engineering Associations of Mediterranean Countries (EAMC), stated that the aim of this project is to create Smart cities, connected to information and communication technologies, but also clean (without waste).

According to this project, these cities must promote equality between citizens and equal opportunities between men and women, she said. This project will be launched, she announced, during this day, by opening a competition between engineering students from different Mediterranean countries. Candidates can apply their ideas in volunteer Mediterranean cities, she said.

According to the president of ATFI, the organisation’s annual conference brought together women engineers from several countries who will propose their work models to help Tunisia to entrench among the younger generations, especially girls, a new culture in favor of the engineering profession.

A new project to strengthen the “gender dimension” has been launched at the National School of Engineers of Tunis (ENIT) to strengthen the number of female engineering students, said Raja Ghozi, research professor at ENIT. This project allows, she said, to accompany female engineering students from disadvantaged Tunisian regions, evoking its cultural and socio-economic aspects.

The representative of the American women engineers, Gail Mattson, president of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists, told TAP that this network is a spokesperson of women engineers in the world. The ultimate goal is to promote the profession of female engineer, noting that in America the rate of this category has not exceeded 25 % of the total US engineers.

Referring to the obstacles hindering the profession of female engineer, Yvette Ramos, president of the Swiss Association of Women Engineers (Swiss engineering) said that disabilities are societal, because of stereotypes, psychological, from self-censorship women themselves but also politicians.

A GEEIS label (gender equality european international standard), will be offered to Tunisia to integrate small businesses, reassured the president of the association gender and diversity (arborus fund). It is a label for guaranteeing digital transformation and opportunities for women engineers and scientists, she explained.

The oldest women’s engineering society (WES) in the United Kingdom, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, and one of the participating associations, is working, according to its president Betty Bonnardel, to help the advancement of female engineers, and to develop activities that increase the number of women in this category, she added.

The association ATFI created, according to Amel Farhat, its vice president, in 2015, and whose number of participants amounts to 80 women engineers and scientists, aims to boost the participation of the female engineer to the decision making, to work to promote the profession and to contribute to the professional integration of graduates of this sector.

Source: TAP News Agency

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