Fans return to stadiums is government decision (Health Minister)

(TAP) – Fans’ return to stadiums is a government decision, and the Health Ministry is against gatherings and holding events with fans’ attendance, despite the preventive measures taken, Health Minister Faouzi Mehdi said Saturday.

Speaking to reporters at the regional COVID-19 vaccination centre in the governorate of Kebili, the Minister noted that the epidemic situation in the region is stable.

The Ministry will step up the vaccination campaign, he added, stating that preventive measures are not properly applied in several regions preventing attempts to break the chain of infection.

The next period will see an increase in mobile vaccination campaigns especially in rural areas to register and immunise their dwellers, said Faouzi Mehdi.

The rate of registration on evax is currently 21pc nationally and 13pc in the region of Kebili, he said, adding 55pc of registrants in the governorate of Kebili have already received their vaccine.

Source: TAP News Agency