Fight against ocean pollution: cleanup campaign in Goulette beach

Meriem Khadraoui) – About 150 people, most of whom children supervised by organisations and representatives of the European delegation in Tunisia, as well as diplomats and volunteer citizens, participated Saturday in a cleanup campaign of the beach of Goulette (northern suburbs) as part of the European initiative to raise awareness on the oceans “EUBeachCleanUp.

The action organized in partnership with the organisation Tunisia Recycling and the City Council of La Goulette (northern suburb of Tunis), aims to create a momentum for change to save the oceans, particularly from plastic pollution that is growing, according to the European Union.

The recyclable waste collected during this action will be recovered by “Tunisia Recycling” while the rest of the waste will be sent to controlled landfills, said the organisation’s officials.

“This action comes to celebrate one of the most important activities of the EU internationally, “EUbeachcleanup”.

It is organized once a year, to clean the seaside to live in a clean environment and especially allow younger generations and future generations to live in a healthy environment, ” deputy ambassador of the EU in Tunisia, Francisco Acosta told TAP.

The objective is to convince citizens that everyone can change their consumption patterns and generate as little waste as possible.

“Because the most important thing remains to stop polluting,” said, on his part, Bulgaria’s ambassador in Tunis, Veselin Dyankov, who takes part in this cleanup action.

“This is a very important initiative and a joint effort of all Europeans, to set a good example to young people. I am very pleased to be here and attend this action, “the Bulgarian diplomat told TAP.

Houssem Hamdi, from organisation Tunisie Recyclage, “no longer throwing waste in nature or buying water in plastic bottles, using durable shopping bags, sorting one’s waste are small gestures that can make a difference.ยป

Consuming less and recycling more is the key to fighting marine litter or any other pollution, he said.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the 22 countries around the Mediterranean, generate 24 million tons of plastic waste, of which 42% are buried, 28% are uncollected, in uncontrolled landfills or open air, while 14% are incinerated and only 16% are recycled.

As far as Tunisia is concerned, the country throws 0.08 MT (million tons) of plastic waste into nature per year, which is 20% of the total plastic waste thrown into nature in the Mediterranean.

Although its plastic product industry is modest compared to other Mediterranean countries, Tunisia is the fourth largest consumer of plastic products per capita in the region.


Source: TAP News Agency