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Four Takfiri elements active on social media, arrested

Four takfiri elements were arrested on Wednesday by National Guard units.

The first one, aged 26 from Menzel Bourguiba (Bizerte governorate), admitted to posting comments glorifying Daesh on his Facebook page and of having permanent ties with terrorists in conflict areas on Messenger.

The second one, aged 20, was apprehended in Tabarka (Jendouba governorate). He confessed to embracing the Takfiri thought, the Interior Ministry affirmed in a press release on Thursday. He was arrested with documents of Takfiri nature in his possession.

Two other Takfiri persons were arrested during the same day in Bouficha (Sousse governorate) and Mejez El Beb (Beja governorate), respectively. One of them had glorified Wednesday’s knife attack against two traffic police officers in Bardo.

The Public Prosecutor ordered to place the four elements into custody and to initiate a judicial investigation against them.

Source: TAP News Agency

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