Fresh measures announced in Nabeul to stem COVID-19 spread

A set of fresh measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 will be implemented starting Monday and for a week, to be renewed according to the development of the pandemic situation in the region, Nabeul Governor Mohamed Ridha Mlika said Sunday.
Weekly markets will be closed, ceremonies in closed halls will be banned and the hosting capacity of open spaces will be restricted to 50 persons, he stated to TAP at the end of the local committee to combat disasters meeting.
Coffee shops will serve up to 50% of their capacity and only in open spaces, he added, specifying that hookah and card games will be banned.
The hammams and private gyms will also be closed, he indicated.
The health situation in Nabeul is critical as the positivity rate has reached 30%, with 3 deaths reported a day, the governor said.
“Active infection cases have exceeded 1,700, including 500 in Nabeul,” he added.

Source: TAP News Agency