FTDES: protests hit record high in 2021

Protests in Tunisia hit a record high in 2021 in comparison with the period spanning 2015/20, with their number passing the 12,000-mark.

Coordinator of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (French: FTDES) Najla Arfa said, as she outlined Thursday the forum’s latest report at a meeting held by videoconference, 9,885 protests in 2021 were illegal and turned violent.

Protests were held across the country, particularly in the northeast and the southwest with nearly 3,000 demonstrations each, Arfa said. Sit-ins were the most prominent form (56.4%).

Amid the State’s lack of responsiveness, demonstrators opted for illegal protests and hunger strikes.

A total of 1,258 days of hunger strike were staged in 2021, including 300 last December.

Figures also showed 42% of protesters were unemployed with 25% of them higher education graduates who demanded the enforcement of law n2020-38 on civil service hiring.

In addition, 18% of protests took place outside governorate headquarters while offices were the site for a further 17%.


Source: Tap News Agency