Geingob fathered an entire nation with the same love: NangulaDefence team of PDL president denounces her “systematic targeting”

WINDHOEK: ‘He fathered an entire nation with the same love and concern with which he fathered his family.’

These were the words of Nangula Geingos, eldest daughter of the late President Hage Geingob while celebrating her father’s legacy at a final intimate memorial service held in his honour at Casa Rosalia on Tuesday.

‘There is a piece of Hage in every one of us, we have been inspired, loved and shaped by his spirit of excellence. In this moment we might feel as though the light he shone on us is dimmed, but we must now be the carriers of that light,’ Geingos, who spoke on behalf of her siblings, said.

Geingos said her late father often worried about the Namibian nation as he did over his own family, often worrying and questioning if all the Namibian children had eaten, whether Namibian business people are given opportunities to succeed, whether the government was doing its part in service delivery, and whether Namibian women and children are well taken care of.

Whenever the answer was not all Namibians,
‘my father applied his whole golden heart, his brilliant mind and his passionate soul to stressing over the lives and livelihoods of his Namibian children,’ she said.

Family friend, Elmo Kaiyamo, in his tribute said the late president ‘wanted us to embrace our diversity, celebrate our achievements, and confront our challenges with courage and determination for it is in the unity of our humanity that we find strength, purpose and a promise of a brighter tomorrow.’

Joan Guriras, the widow of the late Prime Minister Theo Ben Gurirab, described Geingob as a patriot and fearless defender of the Namibian cause, who held an unwavering love for Namibia and fought at great personal inconvenience for Namibia and Africa.

Guriras called on mourners and sympathisers to pay homage to the late president by loving his wife, Monica Geingos and the Geingob children, and rallying behind the family.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

The defence team of the leader of the Free Destourian Party (PDL), Abir Moussi, condemned “the systematic targeting and judicial harassment of the party leader for her political activism and her positions against the ruling authority”.

The defence team also condemned the new detention order issued against Abir Moussi following a complaint filed by the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE).

In a statement issued on Thursday, the defence team said that Abir Moussi “is the only Tunisian politician to be detained following two committal orders under Article 24 of Decree 54 of September 13, 2022 on combating crimes related to information and communication systems.”

The committal order was issued following a complaint filed by the (ISIE) in relation to media statements made by Abir Moussi in late 2022, in which she accused the ISIE of acts deemed to be detrimental to the image of the electoral commission.

At a press conference last week, lawyer Karim Krifa spoke about this complaint, pointing out that
it dates back to a press conference held by the PDL in December 2022, during which its president, Abir Moussi, rejected the results of the legislative elections and the entire electoral process.

The PDL leader had described the legislative elections as “illegal”, “contrary to laws, treaties and codes of conduct” and, above all, a “violation of the principle of equality between men and women”.

In a statement to TAP on January 16, spokesman for the Tunis Court of Appeal, Habib Torkhani, said that the public prosecutor’s office at the Tunis Court of First Instance had ordered three investigations against the PDL president on the basis of two complaints filed by the president of the ISIE and another by the Tunisian General Workers’ Union (UGTT). The latter withdrew its complaint a few days later.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse