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Government expected to present realistic solutions and reassuring future visions (Ennaceur)

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur said that “the government is called upon to present clear action plans, realistic solutions and reassuring future visions.”

The government should be “a beacon of hope” for youths and the country’s forces, he said Tuesday at the opening of the plenary session dedicated to discussions of the draft 2018 State budget.

“Success is our main objective,” he pointed out, explaining that it is our duty to work for the invulnerability and growth of Tunisia and for national unity.

Mohamed Ennaceur called on the government to devise a long-term comprehensive strategy aimed at opening up social inclusion opportunities for marginalised and unemployed youth.

In this regard, he called for exploiting the economic indicators that are beginning to improve to bring hope to all Tunisians.

The HPR speaker also urged Tunisians to do more work and join efforts against the difficulties facing the country to achieve the development goals.

This plenary session is of particular importance, he indicated, as it is held in a context of controversy over the draft State budget and its impact on the daily life of the Tunisian.

Ennaceur indicated that the socio-economic situation requires all efforts to achieve the expected objectives, including the revival of investment, development of disadvantaged regions, creation of employment opportunities for youth and reduction of the debt’s weight.

The HPR, aware of the complexity of the challenges facing Tunisia at this delicate stage, is endeavouring to reach a consensus around the objectives of the State budget and resources so it will be an effective mechanism for economic development and social progress, he argued.

Source: TAP News Agency

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