Government Has Honored Most of Social Dialogue Commitments – Minister

Most of the commitments that were to be implemented between May and September “have been honored by the government, as evidenced by employers and unions,” said Sekkouri who was answering questions from journalists at a joint press briefing with Government Spokesman Mustapha Baitas, at the end of the weekly meeting of the Council of Government.


The round of social dialogue last September could be considered the result of the tripartite agreement reached on April 30, 2022, noted the minister, saying that “the agreement and what has resulted so far represent a considerable achievement for stakeholders.


Regarding the institutionalization of social dialogue, Sekkouri stressed that the setting of a timetable for major structural reforms and, at their head, the law on the strike, is the most important commitment.


It was decided, by mutual agreement with the unions, not to withdraw the draft law on the strike for institutional considerations, he recalled, adding that the government has begun negotiations with the unions on the draft organic law on it, with a view to reaching by next January a common vision on some aspects of this text of law.


As for the link between the exercise of the right to strike and the Labour Code, the Minister said that the point relating to the revision of the Code, which is on the agenda of social dialogue, will be discussed next July.


Among the issues raised in the context of social dialogue, Sekkouri mentioned the structural reform of pension schemes, initiated by the holding of the first meeting of the commission responsible for pension reform, with the aim of reaching a common vision by next March at the latest.


Regarding the reform of the education system, the Minister stressed that this reform must address the performance of the education and training system without neglecting human resources and the legitimate rights of workers in this vital sector.


Reacting to a question on the revision of income tax, the government official said that the government had committed, during a previous meeting with the most representative unions, to devote a budget of about one billion dirhams to review downward this tax, to reduce pressure on the social strata penalized in the private and public sectors.


In addition, Sekkouri explained that the government’s approach is based on increasing wages in some sectors, noting that discussions are still ongoing with the trade unions to find common ground, before preparing the draft budget for the year 2023.


On another chapter, the Minister stressed the importance of the creation of the National Observatory of Social Dialogue and the Academy of Training in the field of labor, employment and social climate, as instruments to accompany the process of institutionalization of social dialogue at regional and national levels.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse