Government has presented series of bills related to latest rankings of Tunisia (Iyad Dahmani) | Tunisia News Gazette

Government has presented series of bills related to latest rankings of Tunisia (Iyad Dahmani)

The government has presented a series of urgent bills related to Tunisia’s latest rankings, government spokesman Iyad Dahmani said on Tuesday.

“Among these bills are the amendment of the law on the fight against terrorism and money laundering, the draft law on the commercial register and many other projects related to public banks and the finance Act, “he added, in a statement to media, after the meeting of the Bureau of Parliament.

In this context, Dahmani pointed to several shortcomings in the anti-terrorism law after Tunisia’s blacklisting of third countries likely to be heavily exposed to money laundering and terrorist financing.

“Tunisia is considered to be a country with strategic deficiencies in its anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regime,” he said, adding that the proposed amendment provides for the article on trafficking of weapons and the implementation of the system to combat terrorism and money laundering.

According to Dahmani, the bills submitted to parliament are not numerous, but they require more coordination between the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and the government.

For his part, Mohamed Ben Souf assessor of the HPR Speaker in charge of information and communication told TAP that the meeting of the bureau of the parliament was devoted to the assessment of the projects carried out within the framework of joint action between parliament and the government and the identification of means to promote legislation and strengthen the control mechanism on government action

Source: TAP News Agency

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