Grain quantities collected in Manouba rise to 242,156 quintals

The grain quantities collected in Manouba governorate have reached 242,156 quintals, after harvesting all 36,860 hectares in the region during the current season, i.e. a yield of about 20 quintals per hectare, according to data provided by the Local Agricultural Development Authority.

The quantities harvested include 213,333 quintals of durum wheat, 21,046 quintals of soft wheat, 7,700 quintals of barley and 76 quintals of triticale. The grain collection operations are continuing in the various centres of the region, according to the same source.

Some 154,744 quintals of grain have already been distributed, while the quantities stored in open-air amount to 5,308 quintals in the region.

The quantities produced are carried to the 5 collection centres of the governorate, with a storage capacity of more than 269,000 quintals, as well as to the seed centres of Manouba and Tebourba, whose storage capacity amounts to 240,000 quintals.

Source: Tap News Agency