HAICA calls to investigate possible link between assassination of Mohamed Zouari and audiovisual equipment provided | Tunisia News Gazette

HAICA calls to investigate possible link between assassination of Mohamed Zouari and audiovisual equipment provided

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA) called on Tuesday to investigate the source of the audiovisual material used by the journalist of an Israeli television channel on the murder of Mohamed Zouari.

In a statement, HAICA notes that this is not the first time that audiovisual equipment entered Tunisia without authorisation, stating that it has alerted the former previous government to no avail.

Contacted by TAP, HAICA member Hichem Snoussi lamented the prevailing anarchy in the audiovisual sector, in particular the Satellite New Gathering (SNG) service.

He reminded that the specifications on the SNG, drawn up by the authority, nevertheless required the owners of the audiovisual production companies to be of Tunisian nationality, regretting the presence, still today, of foreign companies in Tunisia which Work without authorisation.

HAICA calls for the suspension of all illegal audiovisual activities, calling on the government to use, where necessary, the force to put an end to these practices that threaten the security of the citizen and the homeland.

HAICA believes that the entire operation, including media coverage of the murder of mohamed Zouari, is an intelligence work, calling for more vigilance regarding the entry of Tunisian audiovisual equipment into Tunisian soil.

In this context, the authority recommends to develop the role of the Centre for Telecommunications Studies and Research.

HAICA calls on the International Federation of Journalists to have a clear and responsible position on what it describes as an attack on journalistic work through the use of a false identity to carry out intelligence work.

On the previous day, the Minister of the Interior announced at a press conference that the department’s services are now investigating the circumstances of the entry into Tunisian territory of a foreigner with German nationality and the report he made near the scene of the crime.

Mohamed Zouari was shot dead last Thursday outside his home in Sfax.

Source: TAP news Agency

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