HAICA calls TV and radio channels to comply with principle of diversity and pluralism in their broadcasts

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA) called on TV and radio channels to comply with the principle of diversity and pluralism in their broadcasts and to ensure a balance of views among guests.

In a report on political pluralism in the audiovisual media after July 25, the HAICA shows that 79% of programmes and news bulletins included positions supportive of the decisions made by the President of the Republic.

It added that 66% of the time reserved for reactions was used to convey positions supporting these measures against 34% of hostile attitudes.

The imbalance was also noticed in the airtime given to political parties and independent personalities, HAICA underlined in its report.

The Echaab movement, which is represented in parliament and supports the July 25 presidential decisions, took 48.23 % of airtime on TV channels and 10 % on radio stations.

The share of the ruling coalition parties (Ennahdha, Qalb Tounes and Al Karama) did not exceed 6 % in TV channels and only 3.21 % in radio stations.

The report indicates that the President of the Republic and his advisers were given 5 hours 26 minutes of airtime on TV channels. Far behind, former Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi got only 13 minutes, followed by the Parliament Speaker and his two deputies (9 minutes).

On the radio, the President of the Republic took up 6 hours and 47 minutes of airtime, compared to 33 minutes for the Prime Minister and 9 minutes for the Speaker of Parliament and his deputies.

In its report, HAICA points to a gender imbalance. The presence of men on TV and radio platforms stood at 95 % in TV channels and 90.5 % in radio stations.

Hence, the HAICA recommends that more time be given to explanatory journalism, through the association of experts and specialists.

The regulatory body also calls on the media to respect the citizen’s right to information through balanced and diversified programmes and not to limit themselves to news bulletins and current affairs coverage.

It insists on compliance with the principles of neutrality and objectivity of journalists as well as on commitment to professional ethics.

HAICA’s report covered the period between July 25 and 31, 2021, from 6 pm to midnight and focused on presidential measures.

The media targeted by this study are; Al Wataniya 1, Telvza TV, Attessia and Al Insen for television channels and the national radio, Radio Monasir, Mosaique FM, Jawhara FM, Ibsissama FM and Diwan FM for radio stations.


Source: TAP News Agency