Halting CPF will in no way interrupt projects in Tunisia (WB representative)

Resident Representative of the World Bank (WB) in Tunisia Alexandre Arrobio, on Thursday, said “the halt” of the Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for 2023/2027 between his institution and Tunisia will not interrupt in any way the implementation of projects underway or in preparation.
“We do not yet have a date for the approval of this strategy, but we are in the process of exchanging with the Tunisian authorities on this subject,” he added during a roundtable discussion with Tunisian media representatives, organised at the WB headquarters in Tunis.
Arrobio was keen to point out that the CPF does not require the same conditions as for financing agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), insofar as it has no impact on the financing of projects in the countries.
«It has been more than twelve months since the last country partnership framework ended. This has not prevented us from supporting Tunisia in social protection and SME financing projects,» he said.
The WB is “predisposed” to help Tunisia cope with the water stress to which it is currently exposed, within the CPF.
«The Bank fits into each country’s agenda and aligns itself with the priorities of government development plans and strategies. Therefore, we are ready to respond to these priorities,» he noted.
Discussions on the World Bank’s country partnership framework with Tunisia, defining the strategic orientations of the medium-term operational commitments (2023-2027), had been temporarily suspended on March 6 by WB management following the controversy triggered by the issue of sub-Saharan migrants.
In a note to staff, the WB Group President expressed his institution’s “deep concern» about the situation of sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia.
«The security and inclusion of migrants and minorities are part of the core values of the institution, namely inclusion, respect and anti-racism in all its forms,» the Bank said in a statement.
While noting the positive steps taken by the government to calm the situation, the international financial institution assured that it was maintaining dialogue and engagement with the Tunisian authorities.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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