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Hamma Hammami: Government coalition “does not want and cannot” solve country’s crisis

The government coalition “does not want and cannot solve the economic, social and security crisis in the country,” says Hamma Hammami, spokesman of the Popular Front (PF), in Gafsa, at a meeting held by the regional office of the FP on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the assassination of martyr Chokri Belaid.

The coalition, he said, in the service of traffickers, mafias, corrupt and international financial institutions, will not achieve freedom, democracy or social justice. It will not solve the problems of Tunisia but will aggravate them because it is unable to establish a development plan likely to bring the country out of the crisis, stresses Hammami.

After nearly six months of the installation of the current government, the country has sunk into the crisis, pointing out that purchasing power is down, corruption, unemployment and indebtedness are aggravated. Moreover, the government suppressed the protests instead of judging the corrupt and the smugglers.

The solutions exist but the real problem is that the government is acting against the interests of the people, he said, protesting against the blocking of the investigation on political assassinations, as well as processes of protection of freedoms, the establishment of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Constitutional Court, in addition to the reform of security and military institutions.

Regarding the situation on the international scene, notably in Syria, Hammami denounced the absence of a clear political position of the State, stressing that the Popular Front will work for the restoration of diplomatic relations with this country and for the disclosure of the truth on the case of Tunisian terrorists enrolled in Syria. “We will follow this case at the national, regional and international level and will take positions that serve the interests of Tunisia,” he insisted.

Source: TAP news Agency

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