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Hearing on government’s anti-corruption plan starts

A House of People’s Representatives (HPR) hearing on the government’s anti-corruption plan and the general situation in the country started on Thursday morning under chairmanship of Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur with attendance of 155 MPs, government members and President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority Chawki Tabib.

The HPR Bureau announced on July 6 the holding of the hearing. Speaker Ennaceur said at a plenary session on May 30 he summoned Premier Youssef Chahed to a hearing on the anti-corruption plan. Chahed’s anti-corruption initiative falls in line with the implementation of the national plan for fight against corruption and smuggling, Ennaceur highlighted.

The Democrat Group and the Popular Front had asked for a hearing on Chahed government’s anti-corruption policy, it is to be reminded.

Many were arrested early May over a string of offences, including corruption, smuggling and involvement in informal economy networks. Some are under house arrest. The Interior Minister said the arrests were made in application of Article 5 of the emergency law dated January 26, 1978.

Source: TAP News Agency

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